This is the music we play when we're getting ready for a hot night out! This cd is so radio ready. Charisse has given us 6 great songs to embrace. The production and lovely lyrics support her satin sound and take you on a journey that you don't want to end. This is music to put you in the mood.” - Ashford & Simpson

— Singer/Songwriteer Legends

Not afraid to let the song sing itself. No over-singing, just straight to the heart, emotional, and soul stirring vocals. Her voice is at times both sultry and crisp....embodying the essence of singers like Roberta Flack, Sarah Vaughn, and Anita Baker.” - Everette Harp

— Jazz/Musician

A Musical Journey at it's Best. Charisse's cd is Hot from beginning to end, it took me to so many places and various things I could relate to through my life journey thus far, and I promise you, upon listening you'll experience the same thing. Her vocals are outstanding and her songs are phenomenal.” - Lenny Green

— Radio personality/98.7 KissFM/NYC

August 31st 2008 Charisse-Just A Phase CD Hello everyone, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to vocal stylist “Charisse.” She’s a refreshing alternative, her vocals are attractive, and lyrically stimulating with a sound that’s accessible to the mainstream world of R&B, Pop and Jazz. The video below contains the title song from her album “I Fall.”- The Urban Flux Born and raised in NYC, Charisse is no stranger to the music industry. Her mother an accomplished singer/actress exposed Charisse at an early age to music. Playing piano by ear at age 4, Charisse quickly developed a talent & love for composing music. -”

— The Urban Flux/Wordpress

Thought provoking and well crafted. I've made my living in the music industry as a songwriter and producer since the early 90's. Charisse's "I Fall" is one of the most thought provoking and well crafted CD's that has come to my attention in a very long time. If you like great melodies and would like to hear songs the way they should truly be written and performed, this is a must have for your cd collection. Charisse is an amazing talent.” - Rodney Lawson

— 2004 Grammy Nominee

You either have it,... or you don't. Charisse... has it. And, then some. The triple threat artist, can wow you with her Joplin rooted keyboard skills, or her signature "CD101.9" jazz vocals. ...Or where she radiates like Jupiter,... her gifted pen. I like my share of meaningless beat heavy club or riff'd out rock, but when it's time to get down to the real nitty gritty, you better come with your A game and have something to say. And mean it when you say it. That is the style of a Charisse composition. Each word is hand picked to deliver depth and honesty. Each vocal maneuver is exacting for the purpose of digging into the listener and awakening the core feeling that is being expressed. In other words, no wasted notes or vocal acrobats. There is an honest and hypnotic dance between the strings, voice and rhythm that keeps me coming back for more. I've played some of these compositions and from the band stand, Whoa!!!.. what fun it is. And if that isn't enough, she's very easy on the eyes. सोऽहं, Blessings, worked with Charisse” - सोऽहं, Blessings
Two Thumbs Up. I absolutely love this cd. I find myself listening to it over and over again. I recently downloaded it to my ipod so I can listen to it all the time. Charisse is a wonderful and truly gifted songwriter.” - D'Nai Riley


Outstanding. I'm a fine dining restaurant owner with my own 4 star rating. We have live piano playing for our customers, during the break we play easy music and one of the albums we play is "I Fall". The customers love it and our regular customers request we play this album during the break. The staff sing along with the album during set up time and close down. I would say it has the best impact on people that I have ever seen. I'm just sorry more people can not hear this album. Someone should be really pushing it. Tom.” - Thompson H. Morris

— Restaurant Owner