1. I Fall

From the recording I Fall


You have me, completely
I'm taken by your every word
Can this be, what I think they call it unconditional
You must be, from a dream
that I believed in so long ago.
You touch me, so deeply
you take me to another world,
You tell me, you need me, that I have always been the girl
that you knew, in your mind who was always standing right in front of your eyes.
And I Fall, every time you look at me
And I Fall, whenever you are close to me
And I Fall, forever and a day
I Fall for when you say,
you'll always be beside me, I Fall...
Tell me, how can it be, you're everything, all I've ever wanted, so fast I didn't see it coming,
Must admit, I've been afraid
for so long, but I'm no longer running, I feel your love has made me strong again
Will you bring me closer to
everthing that's you
always wanted to feel this free
You're the reason for me believing your love is real
I believe...that it's real
And I Fall
Everytime you look at me
And I Fall
Whenever you are close to me
And I Fall...
Keep me believing
I Fall...